Keeping Your Teens Drug-Free: A Free Family Guide

Discusses skills parents and caregivers can use to prevent illicit drug use among teens. Describes problems caused by marijuana, alcohol, and other substances; signs of drug use; and ways to enforce rules, give advice, and deal with teens caught using drugs. Shipping charges may apply.

Other Parenting Magazines

Patrents Magazine - Get a subscription for no cost

Parents magazine in a very valuable resource for trying to be the best parent you can. There is no magic formula that works, but get advise from various parents and use what works best for you and your family.

Family Fun One Year Magazine Subscription at no cost - get it now

Plan fun activities at with your family with family fun magazine. Lots of great ideas and advise for inexpensive family fun!

Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription at no cost

Get this inspiring magazine, Diabetic Living, that will help you keep the carbs down and keep your family health whether you suffer from diabetes or not. This is a health and cooking magazine that is good for everyone.

Family Fun Magazine Featured Reward

Get the award winning must have magazine for parents with children. Find great crafts, recipes, and other fantastic ideas for family fun together. Also features great family destination spots that wont break your budget.

Target Baby Newsletter and Registry Free Signup

Sign up for your registry and receive free coupons, discounts and special alerts for products.

Parents Latina Magazine Free Magazine Subscription

Grab your free subscription to Parents Latina to learn how to be the best parent you can be, with a focus on the Spanish culture.

Parents Magazine One Year Free Subscription

Get you free subscription to parents magazine to help with parenting advice, guidance on safety and other important items all parents need to keep up to date on.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine One Free Issue *digital*

Great magazine for anyone who home schools their children or those who want to consider it. Learn the bast teaching techniques and how to set up for class and share the teaching duties.

Family Circle Magazine Featured Reward

Get your reward of Family Circle magazine for completing a 1 minute survey on consumer product preferences. It is easy and quick. Family Circle magazine is full of ideas on keeping the kids busy and happy, as well as low cost vacations, day trips and family camping and other events for the entir

Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD, Free!

Get a free DVD from Disney, whether you are planning to go or just thinking about it, grab this free DVD so you can sit down with your family and watch it. The kids will get so excited with what they see and really look forward to their trip. See Banner on landing page, click on that to sign up.

Working Mother Magazine One Year Subscription Digital at no cost

Working mother is for the super mom. For moms who want to be all that a mom can be and have a career too. Learn great techniques for conquering both. Get advice on child care facilities, career choices, healthy meals and fashion and beauty, work/family concerns and finances with your compliment

Parents Magazine - Award Winning for Free Subscription

Get the award winning Parents magazine for inspiring ideas to help you raise strong, intelligent and well manured young adults. Learn techniques, tips and advise on how to phrase your questions and behaviors to our kids to get them to be more responsive.

Grand Magazine Two Year Free Subscription Digital

This is a magazine devoted to today's Grand Parents. Suggestions on what to do and how or how much to be involved in your grand kids life. it offers suggestions on how to relate to kids these days and understand their world is much different than when you were a kid.

Schoolastic Magazines Various Free Magazine Issues for Educators

Various free issues for Educators from Pre-K to elementary through middle school.

Guidepost Magazine Subscription for incredibly low price of $2

Guideposts is an inspirational magazine that focuses on personal growth, finding peace of mind, and helping you to solve tough personal problems. it will help you stay happy in your relationships with family, friends and co-workers. A magazine to help keep you grounded and connected to personal hap

What to Do When There's Too Much to Do - Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day (Condensed eBook Version)

Instead of accepting your fate and allowing it to overwhelm you, step up and take your future in your own hands-and do what's necessary to achieve a work/life balance that you can manage indefinitely.

Mom Magazine Free Issue

There is a new magazine heading to newsstands near you and we want you to be one of the first to flip through it! From the editors of Pregnancy Magazine, the leading monthly maternity magazine, we're excited to introduce you to Mom magazine. Mom Magazine is the first magazine of its kind to truly we

Yes! Magazine Free One Year Subscription

YES! magazine values the important work of teachers who inform and inspire the next generation in school classrooms and on campuses. YES! is ad-free and published by the Positive Futures Network, an independent nonprofit organization. Thanks to the generosity of YES! supporters we can provide educat

Parents Magazine Subscription at no cost

From mercury magazines, get you subscription to parents at no cost. Learn tips and tool on how to be the best Parent you can be. It gets really hard and we all could use a little grounding and advise to be the best we can be. Your kids deserve it.

Family Circle Magazine - Absolutely Free Subscription

Get a free subscription to family circle to keep you family unit as happy and healthy as you can. Lots of great ideas for trips and how to deal with bored kids over the summer and lists of activities to keep them busy and having fun.

How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies eBook Free (A $9.99 Value!)

Highly recommend getting the young ones started eating right now. Get this free eBook now for a limited time. Nothing is better healthy vegetables for a kid.

Family Circle One Year Magazine Subscription at no cost to you

Family Circle is a great magazine to read when you have kids 0-10. It is a wealth of information on things to do, places to go and craft ideas. Many low cost, fun planning events that teach your kids and get them away from the video games.

Practical Homeschooling - One Free Issue

If you have been thinking about home schooling or would just like to read about it, fill out the information to get your fre copy.

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