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Celebrity magazines in the United States are a bit different than they are elsewhere. Most of them tend to work to put out stories in a fairly positive light, generally helping the average people in the reading audience to find out more about new projects and the lives of stars. Popular celebrity magazines include US Weekly and People, and their readership numbers have stayed high even in the internet era.

Celebrity magazines are more than just empty filler, of course. They are great sources of information for those who really want to know what is going on in the world of celebrity. Many of these magazines also feature special stories about causes championed by celebrities, allowing readers to get a bit of education while being entertained.

There are dozens of great magazines available on the market, and the names tend to change as time goes one. The coverage tends to stay the same, though, as does the information. If you want to stay on top of celebrity news, these magazines are the best way to do so.

Hola USA! Magazine Free Subscription

HOLA USA!, tu revista de celebridades y estilo de vida para disfrutar de los grandes momentos. I believe it comes in english and spansih.

US Weekly Magazine Featured Reward for Short Survey

Get one of the top celebrity magazines for a short online survey. US Weekly is a great source of information on celebrities and what they are wearing, who they are dating, who is splitting up and other articles of gossip and news.

Variety Magazine One Year Subscription at no cost

Variety magazine has been in place since 1905 and delivers top notch show biz and entertainment news to its readers. Answer some short survey questions and get enough points for a free Variety magazine subscription.

Entertainment Weekly Magazine Subcription for one year at no cost

Entertainment weekly is a great magazine featuring articles on TV shows, movies, music and actors/actresses. Get reviews on all the shows and movies as well as insight on their lives. Just fill out a short survey to qualify for enough points to choose this magazine at no cost.

Glamour Magazine Get this One Year Subscription at no charge

Glamour is about beauty, women, celebrities and fashion. Learn the latest styles of clothing, hair and make up with your no cost subscription to Glamour Magazine. Just fill out the short survey to get the points to redeem for your Glamour subscription.

Watch Magazine - Get your subscription now at no cost

Watch magazine is a magazine published by CBS and provides all the latest news on upcoming TV shows and movies coming out this fall.

Variety Magazine Subscription at no cost

Who doesn't like a little variety in their lives? Well, get you subscription today at no sost to you. Variety magazine covers Hollywood, movie reviews, TV review and other resourceful information in show business.

OK Magazine One Issue at no cost

Grab one of the leading gossip magazines at absolutely no cost. Find out who is expecting, who is dating and who is splitting in the entertainment world.

Vogue Magazine at Rewards Survey at no cost

Hurry to get Vogue Magazine at no cost for simply answer a 1 minute survey. Vogue magazine has beauty secrets, celebrity news, style and fashion for women.

People en Espanol Featured Reward

Habla Espanol? Get People in Espanol which featured Latin American celebrities from television, music and sports. Get your featured reward today just for signing up.

Reader's Digest Magazine $2 Subscription

This is a special deal to get the celebrity, books and TV magazine Reader's Digest for an incredibly low price of just $2. Just answer 4 quick questions to get this offer.

Hollywood Reporter Digital Magazine Subscription for no cost

Learn the most current Hollywood new with the Hollywood Reporter Magazine. It includes movie review, celebrity updates, clothing styles and much more on your favorite celebrities.

People in Espanol Free One Year Subscription

Grab the most popular celebrity magazine in written in Espanol and written for the latin community. Find latin celebrities and interesting stories and great pictures.

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