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Celebrity magazines in the United States are a bit different than they are elsewhere. Most of them tend to work to put out stories in a fairly positive light, generally helping the average people in the reading audience to find out more about new projects and the lives of stars. Popular celebrity magazines include US Weekly and People, and their readership numbers have stayed high even in the internet era.

Celebrity magazines are more than just empty filler, of course. They are great sources of information for those who really want to know what is going on in the world of celebrity. Many of these magazines also feature special stories about causes championed by celebrities, allowing readers to get a bit of education while being entertained.

There are dozens of great magazines available on the market, and the names tend to change as time goes one. The coverage tends to stay the same, though, as does the information. If you want to stay on top of celebrity news, these magazines are the best way to do so.

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