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Christian magazines are publications that offer inspiring news, stories and advice from a Christian perspective. These type magazines are available in both print and online formats. Whether you are a teacher, minister, parent or just an individual looking for religious reading there is something for everyone. Christian magazines touch on every aspect and stage of life and serve as resources for all types of Christian ministry and learning. Some of the best examples of popular Christian magazines are: Christianity Today; Relevant Magazine; Charisma; and Bible Study Magazine, to name just a few.

Christianity Today covers all aspects of Christian life from news to parenting, marriage and sermon aids. Here you will find practical everyday advice for Christian living. Relevant Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on twenty something from a spiritual standpoint. It provides young adults with a Christian perspective on things that are of interest to them. Charisma is news and views and inspiring articles, stories and columns written by well known pastors and teachers from a charismatic perspective. Bible Study Magazine is published six times a year and offers tools and techniques of bible study. There are also features from teachers, professors, historians and archaeologists offering their insight and perspective on various biblical topics. These are just a few of many Christian magazines available today both in print and online.

The Trumpet Free Magazine Subscription

The Trumpet magazine talks about the progress we have made in this world as well as the evils and how to stay clear of them. It emphasizes that is speaks The Plain Truth!

Grace and Truth Magazine Free Subscription

Grace & Truth is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry that publishes gospel tracts, tracts and booklets for Christians, and a monthly magazine. Our readers are world-wide. We are supported by free-will offerings from those who value our work and those who use our material.

Believer's Voice of Victory Magazine One Year Free Subscription

A christian magazine filled with inspiring stories from Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Extension Magazine Free Issue

A quarterly publication, Extension magazine is the voice of Catholic Extension's mission to strengthen the Church in America's poor mission dioceses. Catholic Extension provides the power of faith to its readers across the United States.

Word of Faith Magazine Free Digital Subscritpions

Get a magazine about your catholic beliefs from Kenneth Hagin Ministries (aka Rhema). He is a world known ministry that preaches faith, prayer, and the god's word and its healing powers.

Latin Mass Magazine Free Digital Issues

This is a must read for Catholics. Latin Mass is very well written and has great pictures and artwork.

Prayer & Worship Guide Free

Heart of the Nation produces and televises their events yo the entire USA. They provide spiritual mass for those that are unable to get to church each Sunday due to physical limitations, like age or health. They will help them connect to their catholic faith.

United Church Observer Free Issue

The United Church Observer is the oldest published magazine in the USA and Canada. The magazine is full of articles on faith, justice and ethical living. Filled with inspiring stories to keep you on the right track in life.

National Catholic Reporter One Free Issue

The National Catholic Reporter is a print newspaper that has articles and views on Catholic way of life. It will help you get past your struggles with morals and other issues with society and dilemmas.

Catholic Digest Magazine One Free Issue

Keep up with news in the Catholic Community with your free trial issue. Catholic Digest is America's has been around since 1936. Catholic Digest includes articles of real people and what they have overcome that are inspired by faith. Read about the joy they have achieved. Published 9 times per

Home School Enrichment Magazine Free Issue

Home School Enrichment feels the home schooling is the best thing you can do for your christian family. They want you to see the joy and happiness that parents and kids experience though the home schooling experience.

Vision Magazine Free Subscription

Vision Magazine is a religious magazine that features articles on the church and god. It is about living your life in the way that makes you a good person and spiritual person.

Vertical Thought Free Magazine Subscription

Vertical Thought serves up life-altering biblical content to help teens & young adults discover and live God's way of life. Vertical Thought - a magazine of understanding for tomorrow's leaders! Free print or digital versions.

Acts & Facts Magazine Free One Year Subscription

Religous magazine. ICR's popular Acts & Facts monthly news magazine contains articles and information of current interest dealing with creation, evolution, and related topics. You can read current and past issues of Acts & Facts on our website, and you can sign up to receive future issues in the mai

God's Bible Pathway for Children Free eBook

This book is a wonderful tool for parents and grandparents to teach their young children about God the Father and Jesus Christ directly from the Bible. Jane Spring, of Queensland, Australia, originally designed and wrote this book to read to her grandchildren. She drew many pictures herself, as well

Magnifikid Magazine One Free Magazine Issue

Various games, a comic, and activities to help children learn about Christian life and culture.

The Good News Magazine Free One Year Subscription

The Good News magazine will give you hope for an uncertain future and show you the Bible's solutions for the crises we see in the news and the difficulties you face in life.

Magnificat Magazine One Free Issue

Free issue of Magnificat Catholic magazine.

Jewish Weekly Newletters Eight Free Issues

Stay connected with New York's award-winning Jewish newspaper and receive: Full coverage of local, national, and international news & politics, Area's most complete calendar of community events, Columns on travel, the arts, books, religion and reviews of current films, theater, museums, and visual a

Turning Points Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

With inspirational articles and instructive daily devotionals, Turning Points is unique and fresh each month and provides something for every reader. Based on the radio and television teachings of Dr. Jeremiah, Turning Points is ministering to thousands worldwide. Sign up for your complimentary issu

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