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The number of sub-fields in engineering requires a variety of engineering magazines to supply information to this scientific community. These periodicals help to supplement and augment the education that engineers received in school while they work in their varied fields. Three major divisions of this field include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and aerospace engineering.

Targeting mechanical engineering, Energy and Environment is a relatively new publication that got its start in 1989. This peer-reviewed journal comes out eight times a year. Its primary focus is on the impact of industry in the environment.

Electrical Engineering is published twice a week. Beginning with its first publication in 1968, this magazine has covered technological advances and products through the years. It also contains valuable interviews with specialists in the field.

Aviation Week & Space Technology is focused on aerospace engineering and possibly the most well-known among the engineering magazines. The management of the magazine maintains contacts within the highest levels of the engineering industry and the federal government. Many advanced aircraft have been learned about first in the pages of this publication.

There are many more engineering magazines. For every sub-category of this field of study, there is a magazine that can enhance the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Solar Builder Magazine Free Subscription

Solar Builder was born within the pages of the former Alternative Power Construction magazine. Introduced as a flip book — one side focusing only on solar with the other side focusing only on wind — Solar Builder/Wind Builder is a unique two-in-one publication. Both sides focus on the contractor

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine Free Subscription

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine covers the design, construction and facilities operations of major commercial construction segments - retail, hospitality, restaurant, education, corrections and more.

Remodeling Magazine Free Magazine Subscription

Remodeling Magazine provides the best management advice, popular design ideas, new products, innovative construction techniques and effective marketing strategies.

Modern Woodworking Magazine One Year Free Subscription

MODERN WOODWORKING is edited for management and operating personnel with production articles in the residential, business and institutional furniture, cabinet and primary and secondary woodworking areas. Editorial also covers components, cabinet hardware and hinges, supplies, panels, finishing and s

Construction Business Owners Magazine Free Subscription

Construction Business Owner is a magazine designed to meet the business management needs of owners and decision makers of small to mid-sized construction businesses by providing practical information and solutions to the problems affecting the construction industry.

Over 80 Free Engineering Magazine Subscriptions

Browse through our extensive list of free Engineering magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include electronics, civil engineering, design engineering and bioengineering.

Tech Briefs Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

The monthly magazine features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems.

Electrical Contractor Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

Electrical Contractor is published monthly by the National Electrical Contractors Association and serves the field of electrical contracting industry.

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

NASA's latest engineering innovations are reported FIRST in NASA Tech Briefs -- America's largest-circulation design engineering magazine. Each monthly issue features new product ideas and engineering solutions in Electronics, Photonics, Computing, Bio-Med, Materials, Nanotechnology, Mechanics, Mach

Official Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

Official Magazine is the nation's leading source for information about plumbing & mechanical safety codes, as well as codes and safety standards for many diverse areas including swimming pools, solar energy, recreational vehicles and manufactured housing. This publication is geared toward plumbers,

Metal Architecture Magazine One Year Free Magazine Subscription

Metal Architecture is published for the professional architect, engaged in the design of commercial and industrial buildings. The editorial emphasis is aimed at designing these buildings with metal, including primary and secondary structures, metal roofing and wall panels, along with tip-up concrete

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