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Fitness is a funny business. Though one can only get in shape through motion, many people spend more time reading about fitness than they do trying to practice what they have seen. As such, the world of fitness magazines is still quite robust. There is very little that a fitness magazine can offer that a website cannot, yet fitness magazines still have fantastic subscriber numbers.

Entrenched magazines like Men's Health, Shape or Women's Health tend to have a few things going for them that cannot be duplicated. First and foremost are the fitness tips from true professionals - not from gym enthusiasts as one might find online, but from real professionals in the industry. The magazines also feature bright, glossy photo spread, which can help readers to understand the kind of shape that they can get into if they put in the right effort.

Fitness magazines still dominate the newsstands, and will for the foreseeable future. As long as people want to look better, these magazines will have a purpose. It takes a smart publisher to invest in the field, but there is money to be made.

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Shape magazine will help inspire you to get in better shape and get the most out of your workouts whetehr it be TRX, yoga, boxing or just lifting weights.

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FLEX covers bodybuilding for the amateur and the advanced competitor. Flex will provide routines for all levels of development. Flex also cover dietary advise and supplements to help you reach your maximum capacity.

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Shape is the premier exercise magazine. Find the latest workouts from yoga to weights to TRX training and learn healthy eating techniques to keep you in great shape.

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Get Yoga journal for just $2 for filling out this new 4 question survey that takes 1 minute. Yoga is a fitness lifestyle to stay in shape for life. It has tested the test of time and remains an incredible way to stay in shape and strong in mind.

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No better way to stay in shape and play a sport that you can play your whole life. Get into Tennis today and grab your subscription with no cost to tennis magazine to learn more about the sport that will keep you fit with trim legs.

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Pumped magazine is for the weightlifter or work out guru. Learn the latest techniques and the best exercise regimen. Articles on the best supplements and photos of celebrity weightlifters. Free Digital Newsletter

Free Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter, full of useful information, exercise tips, diet tips and inspiration for us all, also you will be automatically entered in our monthly drawing to win Free Supplements and other great prizes.

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