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The number of magazines available these days can be overwhelming.  Fitting in time to read two dozen gardening magazines on the same subject often feels like an impossible task; this can be alleviated by only targeting the better magazines that provide the best return for the time invested.  There are countless magazines available on the subject of gardening; each of the better ones has unique benefits that make it worth taking the time to read the magazine.

Country Gardens is a special publication that comes from Better Homes & Gardens; this magazine focuses on different gardeners and the challenges they have overcome in their own gardens.  The focus on crafts and other diagrams for planting make it worth the read.  The English Garden does a great job of portraying some meticulously cared for gardens, but it also devotes space to showing modern advances and new techniques.  The last one on the list is Fine Gardening; it is one of the better gardening magazines, because it seems to focus on what is really important to gardeners.  The writers have a diverse background and each one brings something special to the magazine.

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With Martha Stewart’s magazine you will find very helpful gardening, cooking, cleaning, organizing and other tips to make your life and house better. She is the queen of resourceful and simple information on how to do and display things.

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