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Traditionally, magazine publishers have targeted a mostly male audience when publishing golf magazines.  However, in recent years, publishers have recognized that millions of women are serious players and interested in learning more about the game.

While players of all income brackets play golf, it is still primarily a sport for the affluent and the well to do.  According to Echo Media, readers of the most popular golfing publications are around 50 years of age, predominantly male and have household incomes of around $100,000.  Issues are filled with golf instruction, player interviews, tournament news and just about everything golf related.

Both of these popular golf magazines also publish a version for women.  Golf Digest for Women and Women's World of Golf Magazine, focus on golf from the women's point of view.  They cover everything from golf tips, player interviews, golf fashion and the LPGA.

Golfers benefit by being able to follow their favorite golfers, learn how to improve their game and find the best courses to play. Publishers and advertisers benefit by attracting a wealthy readership that is willing to spend on golf equipment as well as other high priced merchandise.

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