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Music magazines are often famous for their news about the music world. They can actually address a wide variety of topics that are popular among musicians, including news, interviews, and instrument sales. Their themes range from pop culture to highbrow discussions about musical composition.

Rolling Stone

This is probably the most well-known of music magazines. Founded in 1967, it quickly identified with the counter-cultural movements of the time. It became popular both for its interviews with rock stars and for its writers. As the magazine grew in popularity, it turned its focus to politics as well as a wider scope of entertainment.


A comparative latecomer, this magazine came off the shelves for the first time in 1985. The editorial staff focused much of its attention on the latest developments in contrast to the increasingly establishment-oriented Rolling Stone. Right from the start, it addressed controversial subjects, such as the AIDS crisis and the popularization of hip-hop.

Many music magazines address topics that are more mundane. You can use these magazines to learn how to play instruments. They also contain valuable information about instruments and music theory.

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Poetry Magazine is the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

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