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Sports magazines have thrived even as the publishing industry changes and shrinks. While news magazines or other publications may have lost subscribers, sports magazines seem to keep moving along as they always have. This is largely because they fill an important role in the sports world, working as the best place for exclusive news in the sporting world.

Sports magazines like Sports Illustrated have always been an important part of the sporting landscape, and newer magazines like ESPN: The Magazine have added to diversity of the marketplace. Sports magazines have access to sports superstars and analysts that websites simply cannot reach, and their ability to actually analyze the sporting world is still second to none.

Publishers looking to get into the sporting world still have the ability to break into the business. There are many sports that simply do not get enough attention, and most fans are eager for legitimate news. If the business is willing to invest in great journalist and to cover sports with a passion, it can certainly take advantage of a growing marketplace.

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Flying audience is for aircraft owners. The articles in Flying expand on reports on technical and mechanical aspects of flying, AA and industry news and information on flight safety and piloting business airplanes.

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Learn tips from the pros and the best tennis training techniques with your subscription to Tennis Magazine at no cost. Fine out about the latest equipment, rackets as well as a great source for beginners looking to take up the sport.

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Get 50 issues a year of the premier sports magazine. That is almost one issue every week for an entire year. Get this simply for filling out a 1 minute survey. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey and more, Sports Illustrated has it covered.

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Learn about great place to run, where the next 5 and 10K races are and read about all the latest foot gear to keep the wear and tear on your body to a minimum with your subscription to Runner's World.

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ESPN magazine is your complete sport magazine for the latest on NFL, college football , Baseball, Hockey, basketball, tennis and more. Find the latest and exclusive stories with ESPN magazine at no cost.

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Shape is a fitness and sports magazine that features great routines and exercise tips to keep you looking your best and feeling your best. It includes nutrition secrets along with exercise programs you and do at any age.

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Tennis magazine is the premier magazine to improve your tennis game. Whether you are an avid tennis player or a weekend hobbyist, you will learn techniques and tips on how to improve your tennis game.

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Red Bulletin is primarily a men's magazine with an international flavor. It features intriguing stories on sports, travel, adventure , music and the arts.

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FREE subscription to the digital edition of USA Hockey Magazine.

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BycyclinG Magazine. Published six times annually, switchback will feature in-depth product and gear reviews, dirt culture, travel/destination stories and the long-form features and inspiring photography that have propelled peloton to become the fastest growing title in the cycling category. switchba

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