Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Magazine Subscriptions Really Free?
YES! These Magazines are 100% Free.
I Currently receive over 25 different magazines and have not paid a penny!

2. Does own or send the magazines?
No, is a directory that finds free offers on the internet and provides links to the offers so that you may find all the great free magazines all in one place.

3. There has to be some catch...?
No catch, These Magazines are 100% Free.....
The only thing you may have to do to receive some of the magazines is fill out a short survey on the website.

4. These are just Subscription Trials right?
No these are not trials these are 100% Free Magazine Subscription they last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years! Occassionally it is for one free issue, but it will state so.

5. I receive a Paid subscription for a magazine you have for free can i still sign up?
YES and actually recommend that you do sign up. One of two things will happen. You will either get a year added to your subscription or you will start receiving two copies of the magazine(See FAQ #5).

6. I am receiving two issues of a magazine what to I do?
Use the All-Freemagazines subscription list to contact the magazine company and get them to stop sending two and ask them to combine the subscriptions, which will extend your current subscription.

7. When will I start receiving my magazine?
It will vary depending on what magazine it is. Usually the subscription will start anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, some may start even sooner.

8. How do I thank this site for the Free Magazines?
Sign up for our newsletter and sign up for free magazines that you like or visit our sponsors.

9. I want to advertise on
Currently All Free Magazines receives 2500 unique hits daily and continue to increase with the sites popularity. Free Trade Magazines